The context

Today companies are facing environments which evolve very quickly. New technologies modify in depth the ways of working,  living and communicating. Companies, teams and people have to adapt themselves very fast. This context increases the pressure which exists on organizations, their leaders and in the end on the whole hierarchical channel including in the teams. At the same time, the modification of the technologies and the mentalities are opportunities to modify positively our manners to interact, to work or to live.

Our convictions

Any experimented real life situation contains in itself the substance of a learning that can make you better. We have in us the solution to the problems which we encounter.


Our experience in Asia teached us that there are positive aspects both in the western and oriental culture and that both complement and benefit each other.


The balance feeds the power. A company of which the leaders will bring a particular attention on the balance in its development will be stronger and more long-lasting. 


It can sometimes however be useful to generate a situation of punctual imbalance to pass in a new balanced phase, more beneficial. It is useful for example when the system of a team or an organization  develop mechanisms, often unconsciously, which prevent it from evolving. In this case, an external help is necessary to allow the beneficial change to happen.

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow companies and individuals whom are acting in a Intercultural context to accelerate their sustainable development. We do this by working on the balances through activities of coaching, advice and training.

Our style

In the way we live and act, what matters for us is :


SIMPLICITY: our approach is direct and simple and we want that the relations we maintain between peers, with our customers, with the people that we accompany, with our suppliers are the same way.


SUSTAINABLE PROGRESS: we use techniques which contribute to generate long-term changes. 


FREEDOM: our approach is respectful  of others ability to decide. The efficiency of our support is conditioned by the free commitment of the people which we accompany. A consequence of the implemented support is the increase of options people, teams or organizations have.


CHALLENGE WITH EMPATHY : in their daily functioning, people, teams even organizations can implement mechanisms of protection having for unconscious objectives not to change. The role of the coach is to know how to identify them and to be able, when it is necessary, to confront its actions or plans of thought. Our approach always is to do it in a friendly way.


OPENING: our experience of both western and oriental cultures strengthened the certainty that the opening on what is different is beneficial. We encourage this attitude during our supports.

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