The double expertise of company’s management and executive coaching and the international and intercultural exposure allows Highmotion’s team to bring you a range of answers adapted to number of your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt, we shall be delighted to speak with you.

Intercultural Executive Coaching

Whoever they are, Senior executives or team managers, the persons in charge are facing complex environment which are sometimes going to bring to the foreground, internal or external tension.  It is even more sensitive in a multi cultural environment. Through questioning, Executive Coaching will allow the coachee to overtake the problem he faces. A focus will be particularly brought on what happen when people from different cultures work together and what it produces on the concerned people. According to the need, Lewis' model or Comcolors' model can be used.   >>> Contact Us

High Potential Development


Because they are a key factor of success for the future of your company, because they are often brilliant and go faster than the others but also because this performance is not inevitably present in all the aspects of their skills, the support of high potentials by a specific coaching is particularly adapted. Having identified the coachee development  areas, the sessions will be specifically customised. A friendly confrontation will be addressed according to those areas. If the concerned person work in an intercultural context, a part of the support will be dedicated on this matter. According to the need, Lewis's model, ComColors model or Harrison’s model can be used. >>> Contact Us

Intercultural Training


Because the lack of understanding of what takes place in the communication when several cultures meet is one of major causes of non-performance, it is necessary to bring to the collaborators who work in these contexts an adapted support. During this training, through Lewis's model, they can decode and experiment these differences and will improve directly their performances. The trainees will benefit an access of one year to the active culture tool.

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Multicultural Team Coaching


The team coaching aims to help a team recently created to perform quicker; or to help a team already constituted to overtake difficulties which it does not manage to overtake itself. In a multicultural context, this coaching process integrates the sharing within the team menbers on their differences, their richnesses but how it also is a source of misunderstandings. According to the needs Lewis' model or ComColors’ model can be used.   >>> Contact Us

Expatriation Support


An expatriation is a very special moment in a professional life. Because it often means the discovery of a new culture, it implies, beyond the complexity of a new project, a period of learning which could generate stress and lower performance. The expatriation support allows to identify and to treat all the cultural gaps and blockings,  allowing  a successful expatriation and an optimized performance, from the first moments. This support addresses the French expatriates who leave abroad and the foreign expatriates who come to work in France. During the process, through Lewis's model, the expatriate can decode the cultural differences and will improve directly his performance. He will benefit an access of one year to the active culture tool.  

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Training " Knowing better ourself  to interact better with the others "


The ComColors’model,  simple and educational, allows each one to know better the components of his/her personality, to understand better that of the others (superiors, managers, colleagues, team). The result  is an increase of the trainee’s ability to adapt its actions and its behavior in order to avoid or manage conflicts and better interact or motivate others.   >>> Contact Us

Organisation Diagnosis


Within the framework of a letter of assignment defined with the company, the Highmotion team makes through interviews, a diagnosis of your organization according to a very precise methodology. The debrief allows you to identify the main axes of improvement and to define your action plan.   >>> Contact Us

International Human Resources Strategy


You plan to settle your business abroad and you wish to be advised to define your Human Resources strategy adapted to this project. The Highmotion team can assist you in the design, preparation and implementation of this strategy.


You are already established in one or more countries but you feel that the quality of your Human Resources management needs to be improved. We can help you auditing existing practices and improving them.  >>> Contact Us

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